Rupee Cluster

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The Rupee Cluster split off from the sea rupees—more specifically, R. kyrtoepizon—and moved into the watershed, gaining an unusual trait—multiple individual rupee-shaped crystals growing from the same individual root base, causing it to resemble an inorganic crystal cluster. This makes it almost reminiscent of its distant ancestor, the binucleus crystal shrub. It has lost its detritivory, instead focusing only on photosynthesis. Like its specific rupee ancestor, it has an unusually dark coloration. Due to high competition for space with the Tritessellate Crystalmat, its spores are hardy, lasting longer so they have a greater chance to find space to grow. Like its ancestor, it has an immune system based around individual-specific markers on all of its own organelles, and it shreds anything that enters its cells which is not marked.