Protoviramoeba biolumina

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Descended from Protoviramoeba endocyton, P. biolumina has split from its ancestor and begun to specialize on parasitizing Carpolanta and its descendants. Like P. endocyton, P. biolumina is incapable of replicating its own organelles, and instead must enter another cell to steal from it when undergoing binary fission. What makes P. biolumina distinct from most other Protovirameoba species is its bioluminescence, which it obtained from the luciferin in its Carpolantan hosts.

When it is not undergoing binary fission, P. biolumina exists as a rather harmless microbe feeding on organic matter suspended in the water column or on the sediment. If the number of P. biolumina in the water is concentrated and rather high in number, they can be seen as a very dim glowing cloud, albeit a rather small one.