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P. biolumina, in its parasitism of Carpolantaians, eventually became so well-tolerated by them that it became a tamed viral organism. Due to slower reproduction and less violent emergence from cells, Bioluminafasma do practically no damage to their host organisms. The relationship has become commensal. In this process Bioluminafasma obtained the luciferin from a Carpolantan cell and managed to incorporate the chemical and its production into its makeup, giving it an innate bioluminescence. Many species branched off from this ancestor, each creating a different color of light. This bioluminescence is used primarily to attract Carpolantaians to infect. By attaching to Carpolantaians or infecting them, Bioluminafasma are able to move to new areas and continue breeding. They feed on organic matter suspended in the water column or on the sediment. In high concentrations, the water will have a slight glow of that species' particular light.