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Having split from its ancestor the Protosagania, Photosagnia has become one of the smallest microbes on Sagan at only 10 micrometers in diameter. It floats in large groups at the ocean surface, where it can gain the most energy from the sun. As such, large purple patches of the microbes are a common sight at the ocean surface. In coastal areas, Photosagnia ostrum will congregate on the seafloor, where they can scavenge as well as efficiently gather sunlight in the shallow water. Compared to its primary rivals, the Binucleids, Photosagnia ostrum can reproduce much quicker due to it's more simple makeup and smaller size, allowing it to compete with the more established microbes. Much like its ancestor, it is highly adaptable and is able to adapt to new environments very quickly. Due to its feeding habits, Photosagnia ostrum thrives in Tropical coastal environments, where the greatest number of microbe colonies exist either on the seafloor or at the surface. In contrast, however, it cannot survive nearly as easily in polar environments. Having spread to all neighbouring temperate and tropical oceanic locations, many of which were previously devoid of life, Photosagnia ostrum has been able to colonise much of the LadyM sea without issue.