South Polar Photosagnia

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While moving with the ocean currents the Photosagnia eventually managed to make contact with the polar seas; having originally been very hostile to the fragile photosynthetic cells, the development of primitive cell walls and a darker pigment to absorb more light has allowed the species to exploit a previously Binucleid-only niche. Having been able to coexist, they behave in much the same way as their ancestor, but with less scavenging in their diet and a higher focus on staying close to the surface, while living in smaller numbers.

Due to their cell walls they have also managed to migrate very close to the coastline, and so routinely wash up on shore, forming small, thin mats of purple along the beaches of the tundra. Some of their chloroplasts have also begun to turn a somewhat blue hue, mostly for collection of more wavelengths of light. Their ancestor’s numbers and greater scavenging habits have kept them from colonizing much of the temperate seas to the north, and Photosaganians have been kept away from the North Pole due to the emergence of the Adorbalgae, and so they keep to the southern frigid seas almost exclusively.