Ovipine Dwarf Gazebo

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The Ovipine Dwarf Gazebo split from its ancestor and populated portions of Ovi. It retained its ancestral size and role and didn’t change much appearance-wise, though it has developed gilled reproductive structures at the ends of some of its branches which allow for effective spore release, capture, and fertilization—and, in turn, more reproductive success. These structures come in male and female forms, and most individuals are hermaphrodites. The female form has a distinct shape so that it may capture more spores. Like its ancestor, it is tough and hardy, and its leg-like roots are covered in branches bearing many needle-like crystal leaves. Also like its ancestor, it has 3-flagella airborne spores, and under its dense branches it has a gazebo-like appearance, though with its small size its use as one is questionable.

Leaf and reproductive organ detail