Pine-Legged Dwarf Gazebo

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With its spores getting blown across the waters to Hydro, this new species of dwarf gazebo split off from its ancestor. The Pine-Legged Dwarf Gazebo, in the shadows of the larger Hydro Gazebo in many parts of its range, retained the small size of its ancestor. It developed many short twigs from its leg-roots rather than having many individual crystals sitting on the surface, increasing the amount of its surface area available for photosynthesis. The crystals on these new branches are elongated and somewhat needle-like. It is tough and hardy, allowing it to survive the bitter cold. It also made its way into Barlowe, being blown across the short region of water dividing the two regions. It is otherwise similar to its ancestor. It has 3-flagella airborne spores and an appearance as a dome or roof of crystals with many pillar-like legs formed from old roots as it grows taller. Under its dense branches it has a gazebo-like appearance, though with its small size its use as one is questionable.