Shrub Gazebos

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The Shrub Gazebos split from their ancestor. A combination of their crystal nature and wind-resistant leaf structure allowed them to thrive in many parts of the world. They are most common in colder and drier climates, where they may fare better than fleshier flora such as asterplents and photosagnians, but they can still be found growing in clumps near rotting flora in other habitats. Like all petrolignopsids, Shrub Gazebos have mineralized trunks and crystal leaves. Their trunks and exposed roots form a rough, low, gazebo-like shape above ground, and their crystal leaves cover them densely.

There are many different species of Shrub Gazebo. As the petrolignopsid lineage is fairly hardy by nature, they don’t vary much in external appearance. However, desert-dwelling species tend to have a thicker (albeit still barely visible) central trunk. A common way to distinguish between species is to count the number of leaves on mature top branches that bear reproductive organs, as this often varies due to genetic drift.

Like their ancestor, Shrub Gazebos have gilled reproductive organs used to release or capture spores. Most individuals are hermaphrodites, but purely male or female mutants do exist.