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Mauvoids are small, derived relatives of the Sentrok that have specialized in eating purple flora. As a result, they have become far more dependent on purple flora, as they have mostly lost the ability to synthesize retinal. Instead, they must get it from the purple flora directly, lest they go blind. They also have a specialized digestive system for efficiently sucking the nutrients out of purple flora and dealing with the phenolic compounds that the tropical foliostrum produces, which they are beginning to gain a resistance to. They reproduce relatively quickly, usually in the relative safety of the spaces beneath large flora, where they dig out small burrows with their durable bills. They have lost the ability to quickly run away, as their main defenses are their hard shells and cryptic coloration.

They mate seasonally, producing the most offspring around summer when there is an abundance of food and energy for newborn mauvoids. However, their voracious seasonal breeding has resulted in spikes of local predators in the following months.