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The mycoss is derived from a population of dwarf mycostrum that had a habit of growing on the sides of large crystal trees. While these populations rarely lasted long because they were out of their host’s reach, this suddenly changed with the evolution of itching behavior in the spectacled arthrothere’s descendants.

The mycoss has adapted to living on the exposed roots of large crystal flora. Their mycelium has become more porous, allowing them to gain more water from rainfall. Some of their mycelia will dig into the sides of crystal trees, allowing them to cling to the stone ‘bark’. In order to maximize photosynthesis, the fruiting bodies now double as a dense coat of fleshy, succulent leaves. The succulence allows them to retain the little water they get from rain. These leaves are also darker in coloration, allowing them to photosynthesize with ease in shaded areas.

The mycoss mostly occurs on the lowest parts of crystal trees, where they have easy access to itchy sentroks and chkarshers. When these species rub themselves against crystal flora, the buds of the mycoss will stick to their exoskeletons. When the sentrok and the chkarsher rub themselves against another stony surface, the mycoss buds will stick to that surface and germinate into a new plant.