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As marine snow began to accumulate on the ocean floor, it was inevitable for one of the organisms to begin consuming it. This organism was the humble lituswush, an unassuming lithovore whose size was restrained by the lack of carbon that could be used to increase its biomass. However, this changed when it began feeding on the massive amount of marine snow that resulted from the deaths of photosagnia and adorbalgae in the sunlight zone. As a result of the consumption of organic matter, the litusfoi has ballooned in size. Their bodies are filled with countless nuclei and organelles to keep them running. They spend much of their time slowly moving along the sea floor, consuming all in their path, including their significantly smaller ancestors and relatives. This is achieved with a protruding pad filled with enzyme-secreting organelles on the ventral side of their bodies. They are capable of swimming by rippling the enzyme-secreting surface at the base of their bodies, but this form of locomotion is rarely used, as they have no predators. While they may primarily gain more mass from feeding on organic matter, they still metabolize on oxidized metals. They typically congregate around manganese nodules that lie on the ocean floor. This has resulted in them becoming accustomed to using manganese oxides to metabolize, along with the usual copper and ferromagnetic metals.