Compass Litusfoi

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As the litusfoi’s range expanded into the twilight zone and beyond, they came across organisms that posed a potential threat to their survival. As a result, some began producing a needle consisting of magnetite within their cytoplasm. These litusfoi gave rise to the compass litusfoi.

With their name derived from their needle always pointing northward, the compass litusfoi’s only derived feature is this needle. It lies suspended in the cytoplasm as a means of keeping it from impeding the compass litusfoi’s movement. This needle is used to deter potential predators, as any attempt to bite the compass litusfoi will result in the predator being pricked by the magnetite needle. They are most prevalent in the twilight zone, as manganese modules and iron deposits are more common there. Their distribution is rather spotty near the coasts, as the iron oxide needed to form the needle is less common there.