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The leslilstar replaces its ancestor in its environment. It has doubled in size and its cells have become smaller and more numerous, allowing it to pick up more food as it moves along with many many more baits. Its arms have become proportionally longer with a small amount of webbing in between them, increasing the speed and efficiency of its swimming. Its baits have also increased in size, as well as number from all the extra cells, allowing it to catch even more food.


With the size increase, additional cell differentiation was needed to get rid of waste; as a result, it now has a designated spot from which waste is expelled into the environment—a primitive anus on the end of one of its arms. It now also has a somewhat pointier “front”, making it more streamlined, and thanks to its larger size and the comparatively smaller cells its cells are now completely flush with one another—making it difficult to distinguish them on sight. It has also developed 4 chemoreceptors on the front, which allow it to detect potential food and move towards it. To help steer, it has developed a simple nervous system associated with the chemoreceptors to regulate the movements of its swimming cells.

It is otherwise very similar to its ancestor; it is a filter feeder and a scavenger, and it can convert oxygen to carbon dioxide for more energy.