Midnight Star

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Driven to the depths by competition with their own kind and predation by the rising predestars, a population of leslilstars made their way down into midnight and abyssal zones where they acclimated to the higher pressure and increased in size dramatically. Thanks to its presence in the abyss, the midnight star absolutely dwarves other asterzoa of the time, its large size allowing it to filter and consume microbes, spores, and bits of dead organisms in mass numbers. Its baits have been cellularized, allowing them to be much larger and longer to sustain it. It is otherwise pretty similar to its ancestor; it swims about catching food with the bristle-like baits on its arms, it steers towards potential food using 4 chemoreceptors on its front and a primitive nervous system, and it has an anus on the end of one of its arms where all waste is directed.