Krakowhexia symbiotae

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This organism is the result of a symbiotic cooperation between Octahedral Hexapodia and Protokrakocia pentaflagellis. Through some fluke of chance young P. pentaflagellis became able to enter the cytoplasm of the hexapodia. This afforded them some protection from predatory species such as Goliathpseudopodia and allowed them to conserve energy, as the flagella were no longer required to propel them. Instead they simply wait for predatory cells such as Protomancerxia to attack their host Hexapodia and ensnare the aggressor in their flagella. Hexapoda benefits from the protection and also receives nourishment from organisms consumed in this way.

Over generations of this cooperation the reproductive cycles of these two species have become synchronised and structures have formed within Hexapodia to anchor pentaflagellis, essentially fusing the two species into one. As a result, the host Hexapodia has begun to lose some of its photosynthetic function, as it begins to rely more on the nourishment its symbiote brings in.