Krakowhydra ancora

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Representing a great leap in complexity, the Krakowhydra genus has become multicellular. Ancora, as the name suggests, anchors itself firmly to rocks using highly modified flagella. Its other three 'arms' are used to snare prey, and are used in tandem with chemical factories which produce hormones to attract scavengers and predatory cells such as Goliathpseudopodia and Protomancerxia Parasitica. Binary fission being impossible at this level of complexity, K. ancora reproduces by budding small spores. These float freely until they encounter a solid surface and then grow, provided there is enough debris around to nourish the young cells.

It is worthy of note that the two original component organisms of K. symbiotae have now totally fused into one, the genes of Protokrakocia pentaflagellis are only expressed in cells which require flagella-like structures, however. All photosynthetic pigment has also been lost, rendering the organism transparent.