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The Cruelbell has developed to take better advantage of the food sources provided in its pelagic range. It has doubled in size to increase the size of food it may capture with its baits. These baits have developed to produce a mild toxin which can kill unprotected small fauna after they get tangled in them. Its body has developed into a cross-shaped bell with thin membranes stretched between them to provide better motion. It has also developed a digestive structure which hangs from the center of the bell called a bell tentacle. This bell tentacle has been adapted from the numerous baits that hung from its ancestors ventral side. Prey and nutrients captured by the baits are transferred to the bell tentacle to be digested. The Cruelbell has also developed a simple form of sight with light sensing organs along its dorsal side creating a cross shaped array of light sensors. Reproduction has become much more complex. Adults will come together to breed yearly, releasing gametes which then fuse into fertilized eggs. These eggs will develop into a pill-shaped larva which will bud off young Cruelbell which then grow into their adult forms. This larva form is free floating and partially motile so as to avoid predators.