Clouded Treecrystal

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When the Glicker Cloud Forest formed, the ancestors of the clouded treecrystal branched off from the mainline species and eventually went on to replace them within that region. As they were already holding the position of largest producer within the area, the clouded treecrystal would go on to increase in size even further, growing to a maximum of 20 meters tall. It has abandoned its detritivorous diet in favor of relying solely on photosynthesis, a change that came about as their position as the only high canopy organism gave them a nearly unrestricted access to sunlight. They face competition for space from the clouded kramboo, another species endemic only to the cloud forest. The clouded karmboo poses a threat to them as well, as their runners can leach resources from treecrystals, and in significant numbers they can starve them of nutrients. To counter this issue, the clouded treecrystal had evolved to control a greater area per tree. Their roots are expansive and shade out large areas of the forest floor, inhibiting the growth of competing flora and limiting the growth of clouded kramboo.

The clouded treecrystal have taken to storing nutrients in their bodies, mainly in their large trunks and roots. Their crystals have become reduced into flat, pyramidal shaped crystals, allowing for greater exposure to sunlight. This has also led to increased weight reduction, which in turn has allowed them to develop much fuller canopies and require less strength to hold up the same amount of crystals. Outside of these adaptation they are otherwise very much like their ancestor, reproducing through airborne spores and growing thick and dense branches and root structures.