Carpet Litusfoi

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When the hextherma evolved, it quickly began to become yet another prey item for the Winged Litusfoi. However, this new food source was rather rare in the water column, prompting some winged litusfoi to return to the sea floor to graze on the newly-formed mats of hextherma. With its increased surface area and larger size, this new population ultimately outcompeted the litusfoi and became the carpet litusfoi.

With Manganese nodules becoming increasingly scarce in the Vailnoff ocean, the Carpet Litusfoi no longer metabolizes the oxides they contain. Instead, they metabolize the large amount of oxidized copper that litters the deep sea floor. This gives the carpet litusfoi its distinctive blue-green coloration. In order to better perceive its surroundings, the carpet litusfoi has developed a large chemoreceptor at the front of its body, allowing it to detect incoming chemical traces. This allows it to tell if food or oxides are nearby. Carpet litusfoi are also scavengers, feeding on any carcass they can find. Particularly large carcasses are often swarming with carpet litusfoi. It is here where litusfoi reproduce the most.