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Asterfolia is a phylum of Asterzoa which are defined by their lichen-like symbiosis with a modified, chloroplast-like descendant of Adoralgae contained within their cells. They are predominantly mixotrophs and have evolved both flora- and fauna-like forms. They have four-point radial symmetry, possess cell walls, and commonly resemble leaves. Most species are motile for at least some portion of their life, apart from stemleaves.

Sessile, plant-like Asterfolia have evolved multiple times independently and may colloquially be referred to as "Asterflora".


Protofolia (Class)

Asterfolia which retain the primitive ancestral state of having a smooth top face, and a soft bottom face covered in filter baits.

Panasteriza (Class)

Asterfolia which have modified their filter baits into structures resembling plant roots.