Wright Nautstars

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Wright Nautstars are various freshwater Nautstars which can be found throughout Wright. They are distinguished from their saltwater ancestors by the presence of long bristly appendages at the ends of their arms. These appendages are convergent with those of the unrelated Warmbuns. They use these appendages to brush food into their inner feeding surface. They live somewhat more like their more distant ancestor, the Wandering Shellstar, due to the shallower environment they live in. Wright Nautstar activity has the effect of making water very clear, as they consume a lot of waste that might build up otherwise.

There are many species of Wright Nautstar. They come in different colors for different substrate and flora conditions, which means many of them are either sandy or violet in color with blue varieties to the far north. As they live in water, they have little environmental adaptation, apart from the typical habit of hibernating deep underwater to avoid freezing in the winter. Like with many terran mollusks, the shells of deceased individuals are their most commonly fossilized feature and may also give a colorful sparkle to riverbeds.

Like most other Nautstars, Wright Nautstars swim using diamond-shaped flaps on their arms. They can retreat into their shells, and they reproduce by spawning with spore-like gametes.