Toothgrip Bristlebunny

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As a result of a relative lack of competition for a predatory niche in the Krakow Monsoon Forest, the toothgrip bristlebunny stepped up to become the monsoon forest's first large predator. It typically dwells in the watershed and water table, feeding on warmbuns and rainbuns. Much like the rainbuns that they prey upon, whenever it rains, it comes to the surface from the water it inhabits. It has developed a single large foot on its underbelly similar to terran gastropods, which it uses to crawl around on land in order to chase down their prey. The foot also offers their insides protection against the rough dirt. However, if the need arises, they will shimmy around by using the limb-like nubs on their anal arm. The filter baits on their anal arm are still there, but are now used to assist locomotion in the water.

When they sense prey, they will grapple it using their counter-arms and tear off chunks of flesh, which they will pass to their mouth one arm at a time. The filter baits on their counter-arms have fused to become calcareous, teeth-like nubs so they don't snap when used. Each tooth nub is lined with chemoreceptors, allowing it to sense prey on land as easily as in the water. Their skin is thicker and pigmented on their back to protect themselves against UV light, if only marginally. Reproduction is almost identical to their ancestor, only reproducing sexually via broadcast spawning in the water.