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Eventually, a population of beachadora split off and developed features that allowed them to live on land. The terradora has a thick cell wall designed to prevent it from losing too much moisture; any that it loses it can make up for with rain, humidity, or water soaked into the ground. Even without soil at the time it evolved, its ancestor already lived on beaches before, so it was already prepared to live on sand. It has developed an extra pair of small flagella, which help it move around on the drier terrain. It has also developed tolerance for less salt in its cytoplasm, as most of the water it gets on land is fresh, though it will still try to take in and hold onto sodium. It is otherwise a lot like its ancestor, aside from habitat; it coats the ground especially where it’s moist and gets all the energy it needs from the sun. In places where there is enough rain for pools to form, it will sometimes drift and swim about in these pools just like its ancestor sometimes did in the open ocean. Like its ancestor, it has a pair of light-sensitive organelles which it uses to help it navigate into better light, and it has 2 nuclei.