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Sagan's Taxonomy includes a number of domains and kingdoms, many more than so than on Earth. Every descendant of Protosagania is given its own kingdom, and kingdoms are grouped into domains primarily by similarities in characteristics, though there are exceptions.

Taxonomy pages describe the general biology and anatomy of the various species within. They may prove invaluable to creators new and old who are working on new species.


"Sunlight-eaters" This group contains most of the photosynthesizers on Sagan. They are characterized by thick cell walls and many are primarily autotrophic and sedentary.

- Mancerxia

- Kyanozoa (Cryoflora)

- Methanosaganizoa

- Phoenoplastida (Hexapodia and derivatives)

- Hydroia

- Sammea


"Many Nuclei" Polynucleids are highly unique organisms with more than one nucleus. They are closely related to the Solistrogosi.

- Binucleida (includes Crystal Flora, Binucleid Worms)


"Quick Movers" This group contains 3 kingdoms of consumer-orientated heterotrophic organisms.

- Goliathpseudopodia

- Krakocia

- Carpozoa (Contains most faunal groups, including Asterzoa/"Stars", the jellyfish-like Carpolantaians, and the fish-like Geletaventrians)


"New Sunlight-eaters" This group contains the Photosagnians, unique rapidly multiplying microbes with a variety of lifestyles, and the silicon-using Siliconia.

- Photosagnia

- Siliconia


"Metal Eaters" This group contains the Skarlixians and Lituswushians, unique lithophagic microbes.

- Skarlixia

- Lituswushia (Includes Litusfoi)


"Iron Breathers" Containing only the Ferrumcarcarians, this domain is closely related to Metalavori.

- Ferrumcarceria


"No organelles" Microbes that must "steal" organelles from other cells to survive.

- Viramoeboida