Taiga Kralptus

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The taiga kralptus evolved as a result of the ecological void created by the destruction of the Darwin Desert. Already well-adapted to the environment, the tundra kralptus moved into the taiga and proliferated with little change.

In spite of its similar morphology to its ancestor, the taiga kralptus has undergone some changes to better survive in its new environment. Because the taiga lacks the detritus needed for young plants to survive, the taiga kralptus starts its life by using the little detritus it can gather to produce a photosynthetic crystal, which it will then rely on for nutrients for the remainder of its lifespan. From there, it will expand its roots and photosynthetic crystal before growing its segments. The plant's body plan is even thicker and rounder than that of its ancestor, giving it more room to store water and nutrients over the winter. This combined with its larger size also allows it to trap more heat.

The taiga kralptus reproduces as soon as the snow begins to melt. The resulting meltwater then carries its gametes into puddles, where they accumulate and fuse. The young plants will then compete for the spot they germinated in, until only one or two plants mature, using the other plants' remains to fuel their growth.