Swimming Hedgesucker

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Extending its range to rivers and expanding its range of hosts, the Swimming Hedgesucker has made several advancements. The membrane in adults has expanded, allowing them to swim more freely, and to accompany that, their whiskers have extended to help smell for potential mates and hosts. Due to their smaller size, their claws have become curved, and claws have also formed on their anal fingers. Their armor segments have also increased in numbers to help it swim, which it does so in a similar manner to a whale. When swimming, their raptorial limb and pre-anal claws will fold against their body to reduce drag. It has lost the plate on the raptorial arm. Their ability to change color has advanced, now being able to change its pigments, allowing better camouflage in different areas. In feeding, they no longer let blood harmlessly pass through, but instead open their mouth periodically to let some flow in, which then it consumes.

Due to their range extending to rivers and having access to land Siluros now, they have made some advancements to aid in these areas. Their skin has thickened and their respiratory system has advanced from just spiracles, the two sides fusing into one winding chamber that allows water to flow though and allow more time out of the water. While out of the water, rings of muscle around each spiracle closes up to avoid water escaping. When oxygen supply runs low, it will disconnect from its host, and begin crawling towards the nearest body of water in an attempt to not suffocate.