Spectacled Arthrothere

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With the beach arthrothere finally establishing itself on land, it was only inevitable for it to spread to new, unoccupied habitats. Upon entering the tropical forests and rainforests, the beach arthrothere was greeted with a smorgasbord of fallen crystals. With such a massive food source available for it, these beach arthrotheres established a foothold in the forest and evolved into the spectacled arthrothere.

Externally, the spectacled arthrothere has changed little from its ancestor. It still maintains the same basic body plan, with the only difference between it and its ancestor being its spikes, limb length and shape, and coloration. It has developed spectacle-like markings around its eyes, as they are considered attractive to female spectacled arthrotheres.

While the exterior of the spectacled arthrothere has changed little, its internal anatomy has seen greater change. The extensions on its support vertebrae have become larger and deeper. More extensions in the legs' exoskeletons form the basis of proto-bones, which allow the spectacled arthrothere to better support itself when working in conjunction with the support vertebrae. The spectacled arthrothere's exoskeleton has become thinner due to a lack of predators and increase in size. This decreases its weight and allows it to move with greater ease.