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The Shutshell has adapted its body to be better adapted to protecting itself from predators. Three of its shells have fused into a semi flexible shell. The fourth shell has become a movable cap which can slide over the other shells. This allows the Shutshell to retreat inside its shell when danger is present. Its 4 arms are tipped with simple eyes. Before emerging fully from its shell, it peeks out of its shell with just its eyes to survey the surroundings. It feeds much like its ancestor, filter feeding with the baits on its arms and scavenging on nearby fauna within reach. They are fully sessile in life and will anchor themselves to the substrate or a hard surface such as rocks or crystal flora. It is otherwise much like its ancestor. Its shells are made of calcium carbonate and it reproduces by releasing spore-like gametes into the water. Its young have a brief free swimming larval stage. Their sessile adult nature necessitates that the larva find a good spot to anchor to, so the free-swimming larva will search out a high and solid location to anchor to.