Seawater Krakocians

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Taking advantage of the rise in cells of the kingdom Siliconia, which only Krakocians could consume, this genus replaced its ancestor in the saltwater regions of Sagan 4. Due to their low evolutionary plasticity, they struggled to expand much beyond temperature adaptations, so members of this genus vary little from the ancestral state and can only exist in saltwater. Like their ancestor, they are able to feed on Siliconia thanks to an enzyme unique to them called Siliconease which breaks down silicone.

Seawater Krakocians are many in species, but their lack of evolutionary plasticity ultimately makes them indistinguishable due to low variation. Their adaptations for different temperatures mainly lie in the speed of their metabolism; volcanic species, while certainly existent, aren’t very well-adapted and ultimately have little respective impact on volcanic Siliconia. Some species may have high rates of growing extranumerary flagella.

Like their ancestor, Seawater Krakocians are predatory cells which propel themselves around in search of food with their 5 chemoreceptor-bearing flagella. They have low evolutionary plasticity due to a massive loss of genome, which had occurred as a result of their distant ancestors spending millions of years as endosymbiotes.