Scaled Asterplort

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The ‘’’scaled asterplort’’’ split from its ancestor when several fragmented populations of asterplorts ended up in the Orpington Tropical Savanna. While the first few initially could not survive the more arid climate, those that followed afterward began to adapt further to the environment. They did so by evolving scales made of keratin that originated from mutations which caused certain asterplorts to produce excess keratin. These scales protected them by further retaining water in their bodies. However, they frequently shed these scales and grow them back as they grow throughout their lives up until they reach full size. Another benefit of these scales is that it provides further structure for the scaled asterplort, which makes it harder to knock down than its ancestor, while retaining some flexibility.

The scaled asterplort still reproduces via male airborne spores produced from the tips of leaves that are received by female scaled asterplorts. It retains radial symmetry and 8 leaves that can grow new scaled asterplorts via leaves torn off from the main body. Fertilized spores still germinate directly in the ground without any faunal larval stage, and it still has muscles in its leaves early in development that atrophy before it reaches full size.