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Split off from the double stemleaf, the Asterplort continued the trend of growing larger. To support its increased height, it has developed a buildup of keratin in its stem, which makes it stronger and less likely to be knocked over at the cost of it being less able to perform photosynthesis with its stem. It also has a vascular system which helps it to transport nutrients throughout its body. It can be male or female, and the females receive male spores to fertilize their own which they then release into their surroundings. As an alternative means of reproduction, leaves that are torn off can regenerate into new Asterplorts, though this is not its main method of reproduction. Its airborne spores let it be present across multiple flyways. It is otherwise much like its ancestor; it has 8-point radial symmetry granting it a total of 8 leaves, airborne spores are produced and released from along the edges of its leaves, fertilized spores germinate directly in the ground without any faunal larval stage, and it has muscles in its leaves early in development which atrophy long before it reaches full size.