Sapphire Pentacrystal

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The already unorthodox crystal flora have most likely reached their peak with this strange species. This variety of aquamarine pentacrystal has spread further south in order to avoid competition. Its high level of blue pigment allows it to absorb quite a bit of yellow light, which is especially favorable in tundra regions due to the long sunrise and sunset. Most of its mass is underground root material, which it extends quite far and wide. Being able to feed on detritus is especially favorable in these somewhat harsh conditions, so having a wide underground feeding envelope gives it an advantage. Its flat, wide shape is also well-suited to cold and windy conditions, and its large size helps it avoid being grown over by the other short, wide polar flora. This species is generally solitary, and tries to put its offspring as far away from itself as it can, often creating strange 'trails' of sapphire pentacrystals, arranged by age. When a pentacrystal gets too close to competing crystal flora, including other members of its own species, a battle will ensue. These flora duke it out with competitors in a similar way to coral — by trying to digest each other from the outside. However, it only does this in the summer so that its enzyme-filled fluids don't freeze whenever it secretes them. This so-called floral aggression has made this species quite successful, even rivalling the species that reproduce more quickly than it.