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Sagan Bot has many commands which are intended to be used by moderators, which can be used by everyone with the [Bot Maintenance] tag on the Discord server. As of right now, this is only Disgustedorite (who runs the bot), Squidy (who created it), and TSSL. Regardless, in the event that more help is needed to maintain the bot or add species to it, this guide goes over various moderator-only commands.

Species Commands

These commands are for adding and editing species. They are presented in the order in which Dorite commonly uses them, which roughly lines up with the form used for submissions.

Command Purpose Aliases Parameters Useage examples Note
?addspecies Adds a species. ?addsp Genus, epithet, habitat, description ?addsp Crystalloskia vyrokalymma "LadyM Abyssal Floor" "I'm not typing out its entire description for a command example" Parameters must be in order, or else you might accidentally create a species with its entire habitat list as its epithet. This is not ideal, as it has to then be removed from the database by hand.
?setcommon Adds a common name to a given species or taxon. scientific name, common name ?setcommon Crystalloskia vyrokalymma "Crystal Mosshroom"
?setcommon vyrokalymma "Crystal Mosshroom"
?setowner Credits the creator of the species. Species name, Owner's username ?setowner Crystalloskia vyrokalymma Disgustedorite
?setowner "Crystal Mosshroom" Disgustedorite
?setancestor Sets a species' ancestor Descendant's name, ancestor's name ?setancestor Crystalloskia vyrokalymma Crystalloskia pyropyrinas
?setancestor "Crystal Mosshroom" "Crustal Gem"
?+zone Adds the species to a habitat or list of habitats Species name, habitat name/list, condition ?+zone "Crystal Mosshroom" "LadyM Abyssal Floor, LadyM Abyssal Slope"
?+zone Asterplent troposphere (juveniles only)
?+role Adds a diet/role to a species. Species name, diet/role ?+role "Crystal Mosshroom" detritivore
?+prey Adds prey to the species. Species name, prey/list of prey, condition ?+prey Asterplent "Continentadoras, Globanitros, Flying Melter Detritis" (only as a juvenile)
?setdescription Sets a species' description, replacing the old one. ?setdesc Species name, description ?setdesc "Crystal Mosshroom" "I'm not typing out its entire description for a command example" If the description is long or contains quotes, the command can also be used without the description, and the bot will prompt you to reply. It will also accept a txt file containing the description, which Discord will automatically generate if it's over 2000 characters long.
?+description Adds more to the end of a species' description, starting with a new paragraph ?+desc Species name, description ?+desc "Crystal Mosshroom" "I'm not typing out its entire description for a command example" Other than adding instead of replacing, this command works exactly the same as ?setdescription
?+pic Adds a picture to the species. Species name, image url ?+pic "Crystal Mosshroom" The first image added will be the one that appears when viewing the species with ?i. All images after the first one will have their artist credit set to the person using the command for some reason; see ?setartist
?+relationship Adds relationships such as mutualism or parasitism ?+relation Host name, parasite name, relationship type ?+relationship "Terra Grove" Upshroom parasitism Usually only used for parasitism. Unfortunately, when used like such, it's backwards relative to other relationship commands.
?-pic Removes an image, such as one that was added by accident. Species name, image number ?-pic Asterplent 2 The number corresponds with the order the images appear in when using the ?pics command.
?setartist Sets the artist for a given image, if it was not drawn by the creator of the species. ?setcredit Species name, image number, username ?setartist Starcrusher 2 Evolution
?setcredit "Tidal Dangleweb" ParrotWatcher
Due to the ?+pic command defaulting to the person using the command as credit past the first image for some reason, this has to be used for all species with multiple images.
?-zone Removes a species from a habitat. Species name, zone name ?-zone tagalixo "Drake-Orpington Temperate Sea"
?+extinct Makes a species go extinct ?setextinct Species name, habitat (for partial extinction), reason ?+extinct "Greater Cryofrond" "replaced by descendant"
?+extinct kramboo "Glicker Cloud Forest" "Replaced locally by descendant"
If used on an already-extinct species, this can also be used to update the extinction reason; however, this also changes the extinction date, so it it recommended that you ask Dorite to edit the database for this use case instead.
?-extinct Revives a species that was made extinct by mistake ?setextant, ?unextinct Species name ?-extinct Carpotesta Devoratori Example given is the only time it has needed to be used so far. Make sure to pay attention to whether a species is actually in its ancestor's entire range so that this command will never need to be used again.
?bulk Performs a bulk operation on species based on a parameter, currently only supports adding species to new habitats. Typically used at week boundaries. Search parameters, > operation, operation parameter ?bulk status:extant zone:"Wright-Orpington Tropical Sea" zone:"Drake-Orpington Temperate Sea" > addto "East Orpington Subtropical Coast" Requires great knowledge of how to use ?search to use this effectively and without accidentally affecting more species than intended.
?-common Removes a common name if one is misspelled or added by mistake. ?-commonname Species, common name ?-common Crystalloskia vyrokalymma "Crydtal Mosshroom"

Habitat Commands

As Sagan 4 has a lot more habitats than most discord-based spec projects, they are typically added to the bot as they are populated.

Command Purpose Aliases Parameters Useage examples Note
?addzone Adds a habitat to the bot ?addz Zone name, flavor, description ?addzone "fish marsh" wetlands Take care to check if the zone actually exists on the ecosystem page before using this! Misspellings, subtropical accidentally written as tropical, and otherwise invalid habitats are more common than you think!

Due to the sheer number of habitats, the description parameter doesn't usually need to be used.
?addzonetype Adds a flavor ?Alias Flavor name, emoji icon, hex color, description ?addzonetype Ridge 🌋 #990000 "Undersea volcanic regions. Often home to chemosynthesizers." Doesn't need to be used unless a new flavor is being added in a biome overhaul.
?setzonetype Sets the flavor of a habitat Habitat name, flavor name ?setzonetype "flisch midnight zone" "deep marine"
?setzonedesc Replaces a habitat's description ?setzdesc zone name, description ?setzonedesc Global "Contains genera which are literally present everywhere" Not generally used due to how many habitats there are.
?setzonepic Adds an illustration, such as a diorama, to a given habitat. ?setzonepic "Seal Marsh"

Taxonomy Commands

Command Purpose Aliases Parameters Useage examples Note
?setspecies Changes a species' epithet, such as if there was a typo Species name, new epithet ?setspecies "Binucleusdetritivorus Worm" vermi Rarely used
?addgenus Adds a new genus taxon. Genus name, genus description ?addgenus Crystalloskia "Small crystal-like decomposers which are known for their tendancy to encrust deceased organisms."
?setgenus Changes a species' genus to the one specified. Species name, genus name ?setgenus "Crystal Mosshroom" Crystalloskia
?setgenuspic Adds an image to a genus. ?setgpic Genus name, image url Not typically used.
?addfamily Adds a new family taxon. Family name, description ?addfamily Ferrumcarceridae "Microbes shaped by their iron-breathing lifestyle"
?setfamily Sets a genus's family. Genus name, family name ?setfamily Ferrumcarcer Ferrumcarceridae
?setfamilypic Adds an image to a family. Family name, image url
?addorder Adds a new order taxon. Order name, description
?setorder Sets a family's order. Family name, order name ?setorder Ferrumcarceridae Securiformia
?setorderpic Adds an image to an order. Order name, image url
?addclass Adds a new class taxon. Class name, description
?setclass Sets an order's class. Order name, class name ?setclass Securiformia Securiforma
?setclasspic Adds an image to a class. Class name, image url
?addphylum Adds a new phylum taxon. Phylum name, description
?setphylum Sets a class's phylum. Class name, Phylum name ?setphylum Securiforma Hierrorespira
?setphylumpic Adds an image to a phylum. Phylum name, image url
?addkingdom Adds a new kingdom taxon. Kingdom name, description
?setkingdom Sets a phylum's kingdom. Phylum name, kingdom name ?setkingdom Hierrorespira Ferrumcarceria
?setkingdompic Adds an image to a kingdom. Kingdom name, image url
?adddomain Adds a new domain taxon. domain name, description
?setdomain Sets a kingdom's domain. kingdom name, domain name ?setdomain Ferrumcarceria Sideropneuma
?setdomainpic Adds an image to a domain. domain name, image url
?delete Deletes a taxon. taxon name

Other Commands

Command Purpose Aliases Parameters Useage examples Note
?advancegen Advances the current generation to the next one. ?advancegen
?revertgen Reverts the current generation to the previous one, such as if ?advancegen is used by mistake. ?revertgen Do not use this command by mistake. The last time someone did, the database had to be edited manually to fix the damage they caused.
?setmap Sets the main map. Meant to add labelled and unlabeled versions. Image URL 1, Image URL 2 ?setmap <url 1> <url 2>
?addmap Adds a new supplemental map. Image URL, map name ?addmap continents
?addrole Adds a new diet or ecological role. Role name, role description ?addrole Methanogen "Obtains energy by creating methane"
?setroledesc Changes the description of a role. ?setroledescription Role name, role description ?setroledesc Methanogen "Obtains energy by creating methane"
?awardtrophy Awards a user with the given trophy. Not currently used, as trophies are disabled on Sagan Bot due to them being hardcoded and many being completely irrelevant to Sagan 4. ?award, ?awardachievement Username, trophy name ?awardtrophy Coolsteph "heating up"