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The Rummagebug split from its ancestor and pursued small, ground-dwelling or buried food. It searches for food by rummaging around in the dirt and undergrowth with its face. With less need for binocular vision with this food source, all four of its eyes point outwards to watch for predators instead. As it is not needed for hunting small prey, its sickle claw is instead modified into a dagger-like claw that can be used for self defense.

The Rummagebug’s antennae have been modified further, developing showy fin-like flaps used to signal other members of its species. With its more generalized diet, the Rummagebug has little need to be territorial, so territories often overlap and individuals may even forage side by side without a care. A single individual can have a “territory” spanning a 1–2 km radius, smaller than its ancestor’s territories thanks to the better food availability.

Like its ancestor, the Rummagebug does not raise its young. They generally sleep in shallow dens dug in the dirt, which may serve as a center point to a given individual’s territory if there isn’t a landmark such as a weird rock to serve the same. In the temperate part of its range, the Rummagebug brumates underground over winter months.