Freshwater Chandelier

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The Freshwater Chandelier moved inland to make use of the watersheds for distributing its seeds. It is slightly smaller than its ancestor, using energy that would be used to grow tall to produce more seeds instead. Like its ancestor, it comes in male and female varieties. The female receives spores from the males and places the newly-created zygotes into her hanging crystals, turning them into seeds. The crystals then fall off and are distributed by floating in water. If the female does not get fertilized, she instead produces seeds with a clone of her own DNA. When they sprout, the seeds appear as though they are hatching like eggs. In the riparian biome, it is not uncommon for seeds to fall in the mud and not be distributed; when this happens, they may be eaten before they have a chance to sprout.

The Freshwater Chandelier is otherwise much like its ancestor. It has a long stalk of fungal core, exposed specialized spore roots (from which its seeds grow), the ability to reproduce through budding and subterranean waterborne spores, and it performs photosynthesis using a red pigment.