Red-Eared Roufo

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The Red-Eared Roufo, named for its red gills which resemble ears, split off from its ancestor and moved north. With less macro food available, it has developed the ability to filter-feed using its four gills. It does this using its gill baits, which ironically were already modified from baits used for filter-feeding in other Asterzoa, effectively returning them to their original purpose. With its increased size, it can also swallow larger prey up to 2 cm, though smaller prey still makes up much of its diet.

The Red-Eared Roufo has lost its obsolete raptorial arm, though it is still present in young radial juveniles; in adults, the vestiges of it consist of a single raptorial vertebra, the raptorial carpal vertebra, and three metacarpal vertebrae severely atrophied and encased in skin. Its eyes have advanced to have a flexible lens, letting it focus more effectively. Most of the rest of its anatomy is unchanged. It has an internal cartilaginous skeleton, magenta blood, keratinous "teeth" lining the inside of its mouth, and it gives live birth to radially symmetric offspring.