Reaching Whitejaw

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The Reaching Whitejaw is a tall herbivore that inhabits Glicker. It specializes in eating larger plants than its ancestors, and is able to lift up its middle legs in order to better grasp plants and feed on them bipedally. The feet have become more hoof-like in order to support their larger weight and to trot across areas with sparse tree coverage. They live in colder areas than their ancestors, having gone south in order to escape predators and competition. Their front eyes are close to vestigial, only existing to fill the blind spot in front of it. It mainly uses its highly developed posterior eyes to watch their surroundings, but they are mainly a holdover from when they inhabited areas with more predators. The few that live in the glicker plains are the most safe from competition, but are forced to subsist on Chandelierubies, often migrating back to warmer areas during winter.

Females sport a cover on their reproductive organs in order to prevent possible wounds or infections. The patterns on their bodies are very intricate and symmetrical, a result of sexual selection due to a narrowing of the females’ preference towards maximum symmetry, as symmetry is a sign of good health in most organisms.