Protopathogena vira

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Protopathogena vira is by far the most widespread of all the early Protopathogena species. Unlike the other members of Protopathogena, P. vira does not fully drain the cytoplasm of the host cell all at once. Instead, it attaches itself to the cell and leeches the cell’s cytoplasm over a longer period of time. This has the side effect of the host cell and P. vira occasionally exchanging genetic material. After a few days, or if the host cell dies, P. vira will detach from the host cell and move on. If the host cell remains alive, it will often be left with copies of P. vira’s genetic material. This can sometimes result in the host cell accidentally producing copies of P. vira, which then escape the host cell and swim away.

On the other side of things, P. vira can also end up with the genetic material of the host cell. When infecting a new cell, this genetic material can be absorbed and used by the new host cell, a process known as horizontal gene transfer.