Protopathogena infecta

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Ancestors and Descendants
Ancestor: Protomancerxia thermaparasitica
Descendants: Protopathogena crysta, Necrotic Gut, Protopathogena vira

Protopathogena infecta is rather similar to its ancestor, Protomancerxia thermaparasitica, in that it is a single-celled parasite that feeds on the cytoplasm of other cells. Unlike it's ancestor, however, it is more generalistic in its diet. Although draining the cytoplasm from the cell will kill any single-celled organisms, a single P. infecta is usually unable to have a larger effect on multicellular species.

P. infecta's thickened cell membrane, left over from its ancestor, is generally inefficient at fully preventing them from being digested by a multicellular species if ingested but it does slow the process down a bit.