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Expanding across the globe, the Photolaks genus has the defining trait of the photosynthetic organelles of a Photosagnia Luculentus that were obtained through endosymbiosis. These organelles do eventually die due to the Photolaks not being entirely suited for them as of yet, and have to be replenished by consuming more Photosagnia Luculentus. To avoid competition, they are a shade of turquoise, and use a slightly different set of colors in photosynthesis to Photosagnia Luculentus. Their coloration is a result of phycocyanin being produced by the organelle that was obtained in the Driftring. Their stomata no longer bulge out of their cell, and instead can get out in a pseudopod to connect to other individuals. Of the few subgenera, the major differences are their size and proportions, which usually boils down to their main body, major pseudopod, and ridge pseudopods. Another feature that can be noted is how long the photosynthetic organelles can be sustained. If an individual cell loses its photosynthetic organelles, they will either by supplied with new ones by connected individuals, or slowly starve due to relying on these for some of their energy. The ridge is no longer the only area it can respire, and can do so all over its body now.