Common Sticclak

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As Driftrings began diversifying, one group started taking advantage of empty sessile consumer niches, undergoing drastic changes to better fit their new lifestyle. Common Sticclaks start out their life drifting aimlessly through the open seas, using their main pseudopod, along with two others extending from its respiratory area, to catch food. Speaking of changes within the cell, there are now 4 stomata as opposed to two, which allows clusters to form in a different way than their ancestors. While in this drifting state, two individuals could meet, then interlock one of their stomata with the other. As more come together, it will form a sheet. When an individual bumps into something it can't swallow, it will instead latch onto it with its main pseudopod and enter its adult stage, of which it mainly feeds with its other two pseudopods, and can now reproduce.