Mosshroom Saprobe

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Descended from Saprobe Protomancers which were inevitably washed away from their hydrothermal home, the Mosshroom Saprobe adapted to feed on dead and dying Mosshrooms, as those were short-lived and very abundant. Although it no longer had the advantage of heat and acids softening up its food’s innards, decomposition and water damage was plenty to make it edible for the saprobe, so this was still sufficient for survival. It is otherwise very similar to its ancestor; its feeding tube pierces through shells weakened by decomposition and functions like a plastic straw, and as a single host will last for a very long time so it rarely changes host, its support tentacles are thick and heavy to help it clamp to its host’s shell while it feeds. It will also feed on dead and dying Crustal Gems, as they are often found together with mosshrooms.