Maroon Knightworm

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Beach knightworms end up washed onto different shores rather frequently. For the population that ended up on the shores of Snow, they found the land to be free of any fauna competition and loaded with food. The Maroon Knightworm arose from that population and out-competed its ancestor in its range.

It has increased its size and attained an additional body segment, now having three body segments with a head and tail segment making it a five-segmented organism. Its antennae have developed to be better at manipulating its environment. They have a wide range of articulation and enough strength to move small crystals to expose their mycelial networks. They reduce their exoskeleton by rubbing against rocks to scrape off the excess exoskeleton. Breeding still needs to happen in water as the eggs are not watertight. They breed and nest in the shallows, digging out shallow pits in the sand and guarding the eggs communally. From the time the eggs are laid to when the young can return to land takes about a month, making them terrestrial for most of the year.

Their respiration still required they remain moist, limiting them to the damp regions of the forest floor, and nocturnal activity to avoid the drying sun. They move by expanding and contracting their segments, aided by the spines on their sides