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Split off from the Binucleus Stellarcrystal, the Haircrystal grows in patches covering rocks and trunks with long hair-like strands covered in crystal leaves hanging off from where it is rooted. Its strands grow longer from their tips, which in combination with there being less space on the strands generally results in crystal leaves near the ends of the strands being much smaller than the older growth near the roots. Its roots are designed to work their way into every imperfection in the rock or trunk it grows on, helping it to hold on against the ocean currents. It slowly spreads up the trunks of Petrolignum crystal flora, which sometimes results in it being exposed to air; already hardy enough by its crystal nature to withstand desiccation, it can still thrive there as well as the tidal zone as long as water still comes along to spread its spores, such as rain or tide. It has tossed aside its ancestral detritivory, performing only photosynthesis.