Mancerxia florapod

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Ancestors and Descendants
Ancestor: Mancerxia majorsorbus
Descendants: Mancerxia amphaflorapod, Mancerxia carniflorapod

Mancerxia florapod has traded its adult life as a swimming filter feeder for a sun absorbing plant. Unlike the purple plants it has small tentacles on the bottom in which it can use to walk around on the bottom of the sea floor and move to where the light is. It still has 2 light spots to detect where the light is and its fins have grown larger into "leaves".

It has a unique reproduction cycle where it buds its offspring inside the tube behind the filter membrane. When the bud is large enough it will break off and fall behind the parent and swim off to filter on its own. Once large enough it will sink to the boom of the floor and grow its fins larger to absorb more sunlight as well as the eye spot moving from the side to the top.