Mancerxia carniflorapod

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Ancestors and Descendants
Ancestor: Mancerxia florapod
Descendants: None

Due to the explosion of Segmentocauda primus, this species has taken advantage of this abundant food source. Its tentacles have grown longer to it can reach its mouth and sticky cells on the ends. It waits for its prey to touch one of the 4 tentacles and then it quickly grabs it and puts it in its mouth. It can now close the top like a siphon which traps the prey inside and then it digests it slowly. Any indigestible parts get ejected from the mouth. Like its ancestors it buds its offspring and they swim around as filter feeders until they are too big and sink the the floor. It also still can photosynthesise but more and more are traveling deeper to where there are more abundant Segmentocauda primus and less and less sun light.