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Spreading across the globe, Lurkroufos now aim towards more benthic niches. Their raptorial arm is now used for gripping, allowing them to anchor to the seafloor while sleeping, or grip to a reefstar while hiding. They generally stick to the seafloor, sometimes swimming just above it, with this and their already obtained adaptations give them a large range of food sources. Lurkroufos are basically the same as their ancestors appearance-wise, though with a few physiological differences and greatly varying patterns. There are 3 main subgenera: Swimmers, Creepers, and Statues. Swimmers, as their name suggests, are generally the most active of the 3 subgenera, commonly swimming from place to place. They sometimes feed on quicker prey, and are commonly patterned in a way as to mimic another species. Creepers are more secretive about their existence, commonly hiding in things like shells, holes, and 'coral', waiting for prey to come close to it. They are also colored the same way as what they hide in. Statues stay in the open, bound to the ground, and generally react violently to something approaching. They are generally colored like their environment.