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Moving further towards land and beginning to do landfall, the Grapplebuns have made several advancements aid. They no longer move like a worm, instead using their legs to crawl around on the ground. Due to a rise in predation, they have evolved basic cup eyes to look for differences in light levels on, and thus possible predators. When they sense a disturbance via either touch or vision, they will burrow into the ground for about 1 hour before resurfacing. Their 'antennae' have evolved into a more hook-like form with a single joint formed by muscles, which can be used for grasping objects, such as prey. Their nervous system has also advanced, with sensory hairs in numerous places. Their mouth has seen the largest advancement, with 5 parts - two to close the sides - and the other three for baits and secretion of digestive enzymes. Elaborating, the tree mouth parts on their mouth have a long, flexible bristle on each, covered in smaller branches w/ baits at the end, and can secrete digestive acids through pours between each. Their skin has become generally thicker, helping with containing water for longer periods of time. There are 3 main subgenera; twilight, sunlight, and amphibious, of them, main differences being their size, proportions, patterns, and thickness of skin.


During the day, Grapplebuns will roam around, feeding on whatever they can. For filter feeding, they simply wave their mouth parts around in hopes of catching stuff. For stuff on the ground - they simply sweep it into their mouth - like their ancestor. Finally, for larger creatures, they will slowly approach them before latching on with its 'antenna' and mouth parts, before secreting digestive enzymes and sucking it up.