Krakowlimus lithovora

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After losing the food source provided by Iuncusaquatilis scutella, Krakowlimus pituitae living in areas without Iuncusaquatilis lemniscuslimus were forced to diversify. A niche was exploited, preying on the crystal shrubs found on the deep sea-plains. K. lithovora is much more slow growing than its predecessor (which still exists in areas where I. Lemniscuslimus provides a free meal) and secretes a powerful cocktail of chemicals to slowly digest the outer casing of the crystal shrub. This is then ingested, and any undigestable minerals are deposited at the base of the shrub. Strangely, K. lithovora shows no interest in the fungus within the crystal, instead preferring to strip away the outer layer from the bottom up over a number of years, until the fungus is left standing naked on the sea-bed, ready to be consumed by predators.