Hydro-Barlowe Mosshroom

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One of several new Mosshrooms to colonize the shallows, the Hydro-Barlowe Mosshroom split off from its ancestor and populated the Hydro-Barlowe Polar Sea. Like a terran mushroom, it can sometimes be found seemingly on its own long after an organism rotted away, feeding on the remnants long after they've vanished from plain sight. It has adapted to the cold by stopping all growth when the cold sets in, helping it to conserve energy. Genetic drift has resulted in it having a somewhat "taller" shape with larger facets towards the bottom, though it remains the same size. Otherwise, it is just like its ancestor in every way; it grows in large groups encrusting dead organisms, lives a short life but produces clouds of glittery spores, and appears to have a “fiery” core when held to light.